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Kacey is your girl for photos and Josh creates movie magic. We love working with couples who are as wildly in love as we are. It is a huge decision who you choose to hire to do photography and videography at your wedding and we are so thrilled that you are considering us. You want someone who is talented behind the lens, but you need someone who can have fun with you and bring out all of the joy that you experience that day! Your wedding day is important to you, but it is also important to us. We want to capture the love story that as brought you here - to this place where you have gathered your family and friends to shout how much you love each other from the rooftops. We are super confident that we can capture that love for you. 


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Josh + Kacey

A little more about us: We are a husband and wife team of creatives, romantics and adventurers, We believe that all stages of life should be documented, and are so grateful that our passions are now something we can build together. We have chosen to balance parenthood, life and photography to show our littles that pursuing what you love is exciting and rewarding. We want them to grow up knowing that they can live outside the box. We love movies (Kacey mainly for the popcorn), trying new restaurants, camping, travel and spending time with our family and friends. We look forward to the chance to chat more about what you envision for your wedding, and how we can play a part in making that happen!


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- Kristen

"I just love your style of shooting and editing. your warm and fun spirit made the experience so easy and relaxed for everyone."

- Cheri & Philippe

Thank you for filling the moment with humour and warmth as we seek to capture this extremely exciting time in our lives. Your energy is contagious.

You and your crew
Starting at $375 + GST


Half day starting at $1,800
Full day starting at $3,000
Photography + Videography 
 starting at $5,975 + GST


Just you two
Starting at $350 + GST

Intimate weddings


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You're getting married! We are so jazzed for you and the adventure you're embarking on together. Whether you're looking for a photographer or photography and videography, we've got you. 

We love working with couples who are all about having fun, popping champagne and maybe even getting a little dirty. We are excited to capture your wild, love-filled day. 



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Oh hey cuties! Whatever the occasion for documenting your love, Kacey is in. Want to climb a mountain and take some photos with a view? Feel like romping around in your home? How about a romantic, golden hour nature walk? Kacey is so down for whatever you have in mind. 

Kacey also loves surprise engagement photoshoots and is more than willing to hide in some bushes to get the shot. Let's have some fun!

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Having kiddos of our own, we know how important it is to capture this fleeting moment in your lives. You'll never regret getting those family photos done, or adding a family video to your photo session. 

Kacey will also do whatever it takes to make your littles look at the camera. Dancing? Silly faces? Fart jokes? You've got it. If she has a shred of dignity left after photoshoots with kiddos, she hasn't done her job. 

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